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Setting Intentions with The New Moon

New Moon is the perfect time to set your intentions for the upcoming cycle. During this New Moon in Aquarius we will guide you through an intention setting ritual.
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Setting Intentions with The New Moon

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11 Feb, 20:00 – 21:00

Über die Veranstaltung

Join Danielle and Elisa for an hour of New Moon Magic and rituals to connect to yourself and

your own rhythm.

Spring is around the corner and this New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set your

intentions for the next cycle before we finally enter spring. We will be going through

different practices that help you find clarity and integrate a feeling of gratitude and

abundance in your life that will help you in the process of manifesting your intentions.

This New Moon is also all about inviting and embracing change and to be able to do that, we

have to connect ourselves with our intuition and emotions and find grounding within


What we will be doing:

- Feminine embodiment

- A new moon ritual to invite change and clarity

- (Intention, manifestation and gratitude) journaling

- Inner journey

Danielle & Elisa have run several women's circle together. All the things they teach they also practice in their daily life. They can share a lot from experience and teach in a way that is easily understandable.

In the last few women's circle we often received feedbacks like:

  • "I never realized why I was feeling so out of balance, but now that I learned more about feminine energy everything makes way more sense."
  • "After doing these feminine practices I really feel connected to my body and deeply grounded."
  • "I always felt like something was missing and like I was not getting to the bottom of things. Through these feminine practices I feel like I can finally find the answers within myself."

That's why we think it is really important to share more of our feminine and moon practices with you. That you can deeply reconnect with your body and learn how to feel rather than to analyze all the time. 

  • Moon Ritual

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