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Feminine Energy - How it works and how to activate it

For women it is crucial to create a healthy balance between their masculine and feminine energy. Since we live in a strongly masculine driven society, women often need practices and rituals to bring the energies back in harmony.
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Feminine Energy - How it works and how to activate it

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28 Jan, 19:00 – 21:00 CET

Über die Veranstaltung

In the last few women's circle we often received feedbacks like:

  • "I never realized why I was feeling so out of balance, but now that I learned more about feminine energy everything makes way more sense."
  • "After doing these feminine practices I really feel connected to my body and deeply grounded."
  • "I always felt like something was missing and like I was not getting to the bottom of things. Through these feminine practices I feel like I can finally find the answers within myself."

That's why we think it is really important to share more of our feminine practices with you. That you can deeply reconnect with your body and learn how to feel rather than to analyze all the time. 

Being too much in your masculine energy can have severe effects such as: PMS problems, cramps, feeling disconnected from life, not being able to feel joy / happiness, not feeling at home in your own body, suffering from anxiety, not being able to release trauma, feeling stuck, not being able to manifest your deepest desires and many more!

What we will be doing in this workshop:

  • learn more about the feminine energy and how to easily activate it & incorporate it your daily life
  • yin yoga to practice surrendering to the uncomfortable while staying focused and calm
  • embodiment & intuitive dancing to feel into your body and move through feelings
  • journaling to become clear about your feelings, desires & blockages
  • shadow release practice to release the limitations
  • dancing with intention to deeply heal, release & manifest on a physical level

This workshop is great if you already have been practicing feminine rituals before and want to deepen your practice or if you have never heard of it before. Either way you will learn a lot during this workshop and above all practice and incorporate what you will learn.

Danielle & Elisa have run several women's circle together. All the things they teach they also practice in their daily life. They can share a lot from experience and teach in a way that is easily understandable.

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