Hey beautiful soul,

and welcome to the 7 Day Mindset Mastery Program that will change. your. life! Subconscious programming has changed my life for sure. In 2021 I lost over 9kg, scaled my business, stopped many unwanted habits and I feel better than ever! And now I am ready to share everything I have discovered and mastered. 


Do you often feel like: 


  • your mind is your own worst enemy?
  • you set yourself goals but then do not follow through?
  • negative thoughts and limiting beliefs stop you from chasing your dreams?
  • you're doing everything right, yet somehow it is still not working?
  • you want more out of life?
  • you are not living your full potential yet?


.. yes? Than this program is calling you!


7 Day Mindset Mastery Program - Starting on the 26th of April 2021


During 7 days you will receive daily content, tools and group support, so you can uncover and rewrite your subconscious, hidden programmings. You will discover the power of your mind and understand, why you weren't able to achieve your goals up until now. You will be able to keep the content and tools forever, so you can redo the program at any time.


I recommend that during the 7 days you focus on only one topic (e.g. health). After the 7 days you can do this program as many times as you want with different topics. If you do not know what exactly your topic should be, I can assist you beforehand. 


Structure of the 7 Day Reset Program


  • Daily Content: Your brain works similar like a computer, that has many programs installed. Some of them are very helpful, others prevent you from living your full potential. In 7 days we will uncover many of your subconscious programms, so we can replace them with helpful and powerful programs. It will be intense and deep, and it might hurt a little to look at your hidden shadows...But the results will blow your mind and be so worth it in the end!


  • Tools: I will teach you techniques, rituals and tools that you will be able to use for a lifetime. Whenever you need it, you can come back to this program. You will learn how to raise your frequency, so you can create positive and lasting change. During 7 days you will build your own toolbox for life. There will always be limiting beliefs that reappear or newly form, but the question ist, how fast can you release them again?


  • Sisterhood: During the last few months I realized again how powerful a supportive and positive community is. People that support you no matter what and to give you strength when you need it. Sadly many do not have such a supportive community (especially at the beginning of a transformation) that's why I decided we will create our own sisterhood in form of a telegram group chat where we will support and motivate each other during the program.


I am sooo excited to work closely with you for 7 days. The techniques and tools that you will learn, have the power to change your life forever. Are you ready?


If you have any questions left, don't hesitate to contact me via hello@exploringwithdanielle.com

7 Day Mindset Mastery - English

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  • A purchased program can not be returned. The program can be also be completed after the 22nd of March. You can keep the content forever.

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