To me spirituality means: Living in harmony with my truth, being open for the energies around me and listening to my intuition. Do you also feel, that there is more to life than what we can see? Do you want a life, where you can discover and deepen your spiritual side, so you can reach your goals without pressure and stress? A life, where you create your own rules? Then you are exactly right on this page.

What I wish for you: A life where you feel save & empowered to follow your heart, listen to your intuition and reconnect to the endless wisdom within you.

In my coachings I combine the three areas body, mind and soul to release blockages, traumas, negative beliefs and limiting habits on every level of your being. That way you can deepen the connection to your inner wisdom and guidance.  The beautiful thing is, that there is not one way to do that. There is only your way. And I will support you in finding your way.



The best of both worlds.

I love knowledge, studying, facts, thesis, techniques, evidence, short: Science. But I also love to listen to my inner voice, unexplainable events, energies, faith, coincidences, intuition, healing, feeling, living, short: Spirituality. I truly believe that there is not one solution for everyone. That's why my coachings are very individual and an intuitive mix of both worlds. With my coachings you will experience the feeling of empowerment and inner wisdom, so you know exactly what feels right for you.


- NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

- feminine rituals (to harmonize your masculine & feminine energy)

- deepen your body awareness (and understanding the signals)

- release stuck energy and trauma in your body

- reframing negative and destructive beliefs

- the art of manifesting

- creating a strong mindset that supports you in creating the life you desire

- "Shadow Work" and letting go of old habits

- releasing stuck energy through EFT

- working with the subconsciousness through hypnosis

- deepening of the connection to your intuition

- learn how to find the answers you seek within

- intuitive healing

- activation of the self-regulating forces


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Joanna, Self-Love & Mindset Coach

"I had an amazing session with Danielle. She is such a gentle and kind soul.


Going into the session, my nervousness was at a 9 (I was really nervous). Within less than 5 minutes into the session, she lowered my nervousness to a 0.


Danielle made me feel so comfortable in sharing my thoughts.

She is also really great at holding space for me to share my inner thoughts on my issues around perfectionism. I was really surprised that I was able to access such deep insights within me.


She taught me techniques to release my negative emotions around perfectionism and helped me step into the identity of a confident person.

She also provided great exercises to do after the session to foster a more confident me.


Really grateful for the session with Danielle and I learned so much, especially around being guided by my body rather than my thoughts.


I notice after the session, I am tuning into my body and tending to my body more, instead of focusing on my to-do list."

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Kirsten, Piano Teacher & Mother of 2 Kids

"Danielle has a wisdom beyond her years.


She was so helpful in getting me through a hump in my personal life.  After one session with Danielle I felt so much lighter, so empowered and capable to face my fears.


I have never had such a healing experience with this sort of one-on-one therapy. I look forward to working with her more in the future."


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During the last six years I learned a lot about holistic approaches. I finished my bachelor degree in health management, completed two yoga teacher trainings in India, attended many seminars and started my further education as a NLP, EFT & hypnosis practitioner and I'm soon officially certified as a success & life coach.

My life wasn't always easy. A big part of my childhood I spent in foster homes and families and during my teenage years I experienced a few calamities. These experiences turned my life upside down and forced me to face my problems to solve them. How do you release a trauma? How do you get out of the survival mode? How do you live a happy and fulfilled life?How can you stay connected to your true self even when times are tough? how do you create a life that is not based on fear and trauma response?

I always knew that I want to use my story and difficult childhood to help others that are currently struggling as well. I want to share my experiences and my knowledge so I can support people with things that have truly helped me. 

Today I am self-employed, happy, fulfilled, have happy and healthy relationships and enjoy the beauty of life. I don't act out of fear or react out of a trauma response. I can now say with a good conscience: My past no longer defines me and I can live life on my own terms.

With my emphatic and kind nature, I will help you to bring your body, mind and soul back into harmony. So you can use your full potential and create the life you desire. We only have one life, lets make it a great one! This world needs more people that fully step into their light and live the unique life they were destined for.


...live a life that feels truly fulfilled and happy?

...let go of what is stopping you from living your full potential?

...be able to listen to your intuition clearly and feel what is right & wrong for you?

...learn more about how you can create a successful life without the hustle & stress?

...connect deeply to your purpose and understand how you can bring your vision to life?

...receive simple and easy tools that you can integrate into your everyday life?

...let go of all the "should's" and "have to's" and learn how to follow your heart not the voice of others?

...connect deeply to your body's wisdom?

...experience deep self-love and learn to love yourself unconditionally?


My 1:1 mentoring is a great opportunity to receive tailor-made guidance and support. During these 2 months of coaching we will work very closely together to co-create the life you desire. After my deep dive mentoring you know tools & techniques, that support you on your journey. You feel empowered and trust your abilities and intuition. You know, how to create your own rituals and habits and how to active your self-regulating forces.


- full payment 999 CHF

- 3 months payment plan: 1111 CHF - 3x 370 CHF

- 6 months payment plan: 1200 CHF - 6x 200 CHF


- 2 sessions per month à 90min or

- 4 sessions per month à 45min

- unlimited support via Telegram to answer questions and offer guidance (Mon-Fri)

- home work after the sessions to dive deeper into certain topics

- short résumé after the sessions

- opportunity to attend one of my yoga classes for free


In this 60 or 90 minute session we will look at what is stopping you from living your full potential. Together we will release this blockage and define your next steps. After this session you feel deeply connected to yourself, trust your path and you know, what your aligned action steps are.


- for 90min: full payment: 222 CHF

- for 90min: 2 months payment plan: 232 CHF - 2x 116 CHF

- for 60min: full payment: 148 CHF


- 1 session à 90min

- 1 week support via Telegram to answer questions and offer guidance (Mon-Fri)

- home work after the session to dive deeper into certain topics

- short résumé after the session



You were born with unique skills and talents. The world needs you and your light. When you embody your true self, you empower others to do the same! I am excited to get to know you better and start this adventure with you. Please fill out this non-binding application and I will get back to you within two days, to send you further information and answer any questions you might have.